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DLP Wall (Single / Double Lamp)

Available at 50”, 60”, 67”, 80”
Built-in processor allows to show up to 6 windows per single cube
Built-in brightness sensor to keep the brightness uniformity of display wall
Expected Lifetime: up to 10,000 hours for lamp, 100,000 hours for other key parts

Mitsubishi 50" DLP Wall
Mitsubishi 60" DLP Wall
Mitsubishi 67" 80" DLP Wall
Mitsubishi Seventy Series Brochure


The Seventy Series display wall lineup meets customer needs with industry-leading technologies based on Mitsubishi Electric's new ‘Smart 7’ product design concept emphasizing automation, modularity, and ease-of-installation.

Our Seventy Series display wall systems are designed to require minimal maintenance and adjustment. Long-term, trouble-free operation is assured in command and control room environments 24/7 by advanced technologies including:

Intelligence - Advanced Smart Lamp
Lamp memory ensures uniform brightness and color with the rest of the display wall even when a lamp is replaced. Uninterrupted operation is provided the industry's fastest lamp changer, which utilizes a mirror mechanism with a pre-heating function to switch to a standby lamp in less than a second.

Intelligence - Color Space Control
The brightness and color of all the individual cube modules in a display wall can be adjusted together, dramatically reducing the time needed for installation and setup.

Intelligence - Digital Gradation Circuit
The brightness of each individual display wall cube module is automatically adjusted for optimal brightness uniformity from edge to edge across the multi-screen display wall configuration.

Flexibility - Modular and Upgradable
With its modular concept, the Seventy Series display wall system is feature-packed and totally customizable to match a customer’s exact requirements. Available screen sizes include 50", 60", 67" and 80". The cabinets and screens are the same for both XGA and SXGA+ resolutions, requiring less capital investment for upgrading.

Flexibility -  - Cabinet Options
50" / 60" / 67" / 80" Available, Front or Rear Access (80" is rear access only)

Flexibility - Engine Options
Resolution (SXGA+ or XGA), Long Life or High Brightness (SXGA+), Dual or Single Lamp (XGA)     
Flexibility - Screen Options
Black Stripe (Sharp & Bright Images) or Black Bead (Wide Viewing Angle)

Flexibility - Selectable Option Boards
The display wall engine has 3 option board slots. The variety of selectable input boards enable flexible configuration to suit a customer's exact requirements.
VC-B70DC - DVI×1 (OUT), DVI×1(IN) RGB Analog×1(IN) and Video×1(IN)  
VC-B70D2 - DVI×2(IN) 
VC-B70G2 - RGB Analog×2(IN) 
VC-B70V2 - Video×2(IN) 
VC-B70SD1 - HD-SDI×1 (IN), HD-SDI×1 (OUT) / GenLock×1 (IN)

Flexibility - Screen Options
A number of screen options are available, including Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary high gain “black-stripe” anti-glare screen and low gain black bead screen designed for control room applications.

Internal Processing
Using no external processor, overlay windows for video, DVI/VGA or SDI can be shown on each display wall cube module. Large windows can be distributed across a display wall using a daisy chain card or by signal distribution. The user-friendly graphical interface of the D-Wall Software Site controls the windows and wall layout.

Auto-Balancing - Dynamic Color Control and Brightness Balancing
Each display wall cube module has 3 built-in sensors (R/G/B) and an autonomous brightness and color balancing system. No external computer is necessary for adjustment. The sensors continually monitor the brightness and color, sharing the data with adjacent units to automatically adjust overall performance to achieve extremely accurate color balance and brightness over the entire display wall.

Easy Setup - Auto Tuning System
Based on extensive R&D, Mitsubishi Electric successfully developed machine-vision software for automatic motorized 6-axis adjustment. Employing an external digital camera, this revolutionary software system greatly reduces the amount of time and skill required for mechanical alignment of the display wall cube modules during installation and maintenance. Automatic color alternation using Mitsubishi Electric's “Wallaby” software saves additional time during installation and maintenance.

Durability - Advanced Smart Color Wheel
Each display wall cube is equipped with a color wheel that stores its own color characteristics. A characteristic recognition system is activated when a color wheel is replaced,  and the display wall cube with the new color wheel immediately recognizes the difference and automatically makes adjustments to match the colors of the other display wall cubes.

Durability -  - 100K-hour Consumables
Mitsubishi Electric's original color wheel system design significantly improves the average color wheel lifetime of display wall cubes (100,000 hours, or more than 11 years of continuous operation). The lifetime of other moving parts such as fan packs have also been extended to 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership, a major concern when choosing a supplier.

Redundancy - Smart Switch
The Seventy Series ‘Smart Switch’ function delivers the signal redundancy required for mission critical command and control room operations. If a signal is unexpectedly lost,  the display cube module automatically switches to an alternate signal source within seconds, greatly minimizing downtime.

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